The smoke that thunders

That is the local name of the Victoria Falls, constituting a part of the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia. It’s one of the seven natural wonders in the world, and it truly live up to it. It got a little wet from all the “smoke” and the ponchos were useful. Later that day we went for a dinner cruise along the river and spotted both hippos, crocodiles and elephants.

The mist from the falls can be seen from several kilometres away.

The shortest of the many falls, but still very impressive. Taking it all in.

Water curtains. Highest waterfall in the world with a drop of over 100 meters. Notice the people up in the left corner swimming in the Devil’s pool. Totally drenched by the water mist. Last glimpse before we leave! Hippos taking an evening swim. Watching the sunset from Zambezi river. Spotting our very first elephants in the distance. Young crocodile patiently biding its time.

It was time for our first safari experience. A day trip to Chobe National Park in Botswana. Chobe is the fourth largest river in Africa, inhabiting over 200,000 elephants. So, seeing some elephants and hippos was a guarantee in this area. We were lucky to catch a couple of more kinds.

At one point of the crossing, it was only the trunk showing itself. Wet and cool in the sunny weather. Baby elephant. He had not quite learned how his trunk worked and had difficulty eating the grass. Mr.HippoNormally, hippos graze in the night. But here, food competition is too high to only eat during the night. Female buffalo.View over the Chobe river. A herd of impalas. Most common animal on the steppes. Elephant family, the baby safely tucked in the middle. Mongoose.Kudu.A chilling baboon. Not so appreciated amongst the lodges. Pregnant giraffe. Beautiful! Hi there!

Part one of our safari adventures. Next up is South Africa and, hopefully, some big cats!