A week of Chile and Argentina

Our five week tour through South America is coming to an end, but first a quick visit in Chile and Argentina. Just 45 min from the Bolivian border lies San Pedro de Atacama, a city with similar surroundings as the salt flats solely built for tourism. Its highlight is The Valle de la Luna, or Valley of the moon (the official one, in Chile at least, and more impressive than the one in La Paz.), with its unusual rock formations and huge sand dune. We thought this is probably as close to the moon we’ll get in our life, and it was quite cool.

Landscape covered with a dash of salt. The symmetrically beautiful 5900m tall volcano Licancabur in the background. Tectonic plates and erosion forms these spikes. Moon princess. To the right of this figure lies the famous rock formations “The Three Marys”. This one is called… pac man!

We made it to the tours final destination Buenos Aires in one piece! However, we were not so sure to make it out of BA in one piece…We were thrown straight into the hot air of demonstrations blocking the Main Square (The Playa de Mayo) and surrounding streets. Oh, and we had to cross the whole thing to get to our hostel. “Stay together and watch out for pick pockets”. At first point, it looked highly intense and dangerous (still was compared to Swedish standards) with drums, marching, singing, but turned out to be “friendly” remembrance of missing people from the 76-83 military dictatorship. People had open barbecues in the middle of the street and brought coolers for their drinks. Hard to do much sightseeing and city tour when you could barely move from one sidewalk to the opposite.

Buenos Aires were impressive and had lots of fun activities. It’s called “South America’s Paris” and we can understand why! It really is such a beautiful city. Unfortunately, we forgot or left the camera home for most of the things we did such as Tango Show, Drum Show, markets. Cosy neighbourhoods with great food, shopping and cafés that proved extra good after travelling in less urban parts for a long time.

La Recoleta Cementary. Angels guarding the family graves. A Bolivian cheap haircut proved not so great after all. Best empanadas in whole South America. Same goes for the ice cream.

This was the end of our adventures in South America, and we’ve been pleasantly surprised of what it had to offer. We’ve seen such beautiful nature along the Andes and it’s inhabiting wildlife. Now it’s time for a new continent once again. Africa!