Buenos días, Ecuador!

Quito, the second highest located capital in the world at 2850m, welcomed us with open arms and, of course, headache and fatigue from the high altitude. 3rd floor at the hotel (no elevator) and hilly streets were harder than normal. Quito have rich architecture and beautiful churches and cathedrals, especially the view over the city from Basilica del Voto Nacional, and colourful houses.

Our hotel in Quito with rock hard beds.Statue at independence square. View over Quito. Another spectacular view on top of Basilica del Voto Nacional. Inside the cathedral.

Next day, we took a day tour to Mindo, a small town located 2-3hrs north in more tropical region. A nap on the way there and we were ready to go! We saved our morning cup of black gold for our first activity: A interactive coffee tour. We were shown the different stages in producing coffee, while preparing our own beans (pealing, separating, roasting, grinding etc.). It was a delicious cup of coffee! The coffee ice cream on the side was also very good.

With caffeine level at a decent level, we thought it was a good idea to add some adrenaline. The way to get that in Mindo is by Ziplining. So we buckled up and threw ourselves out in the jungle. It was such a freedom feeling to sail between the treetops! Afterwards we stopped to watch a hummingbird garden before going to a chocolate tour. Ice cream, coffee and chocolate. Today was a good day!

From bean to coffee. Grinding by hand. Minna in full speed ahead.

Hummingbird guarding its flower and fights anyone who intrudes. Cocoa beans in their cocoa pod

Kiss in Mindo. A warm welcome from our hotel after a long day (a few days before our actual anniversary but still).