Last week in North America

Our high tempo left us much more time to discover more of this vast country. After a long time living in a small cab-over RV, with plenty of simple pasta dishes we decided to have some nice food and wine in one of California’s proudest areas: Napa Valley.

And it did not leave us disappointed! The food was indeed delicious. We booked a spontaneous wine tour and went out to taste some of the best wine we have ever had with a fun and random group. Unfortunately, with our limited luggage space there was no possibility to bring any bottles home. The arts & crafts of wine is however, in our opinion, a bit overrated and unnecessarily (can’t we just enjoy wine as it is and not dig too deep into all the details?), yet we have to admit feeling more experienced when we left.

Our favourite stop on the tour – Provenance.Viktor learning how the tasting is done.

One of the many wine cellars we visited. Apparently, the French oak barrels are the best.Practising for the wedding in August!

Another fun thing we did while in Napa was a wine & food pairing class! We all received four glasses of very different wine as well as a tray of different food ingredients – most of them being important pillars in the basic tastes, namely salt, bitter, acid, sweet, Unami as well as fat and spice. We must say that many of the “experimenting” we did with food and wine was interesting.

The tasting tray!

After spending three whole nights in Napa Valley (longest stay on this road trip), we were on the move again. The coming days were supposed to have heavy rain so we cuddled up in small artsy towns on our way towards San Francisco, including Olema, Point Reyes, Tiburon and Sausalito. At some nights, the short trip from the car to the campgrounds bathrooms had to be made with headlights, wading through the muddy water. The rain was so heavy our roof actually started to leek. There was this little water pond forming in our bed and we had to put a cup underneath the leek to prevent everything to get soaked!

We kept busy doing laundry and put them to dry inside the RV, creating some kind of labyrinth in the already tiny space.

A short walk out at Point Reyes.

In Tiburon, looking towards the big city on the other side of the water.

It was finally time for San Francisco! Naturally we went over the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge and stopped to admire it. Apparently, the bright colour of the bridge is to prevent ships to collide with it, as San Francisco is often foggy. We returned the car (with a slight bump from a little accident, which I btw got on film, really funny actually!) and went straight into downtown. The location of our hotel was perfect and we had all we wished for just outside the doorstep.

The mandatory photo of the bridge.Strolling in Golden Gate Park.Found the street with the most beautiful name – Minna.

The iconic Transamerica Pyramid building.

Last day, we decided to catch the tram and hop on a boat to Alcatraz – the island prison known for being “inescapable” (which is not actually true as three men managed to escape one time). It was a much more rewarding trip than we expected, since they provided us with an interactive audio guide. The place itself had a great view over San Francisco (which the prisoners could not enjoy much of though) but was very worn-down and it felt surreal this prison only closed about 50 years ago.

Back on mainland, we checked out more touristy things such as Pier 39 and its sea lion colony and the curvy Lombard street. Over all, San Francisco and the United States have been very good to us and it feels like we have seen more than what is possible in that amount of time. Nevertheless, it is time for a new continent – South America!

Alcatraz seen from the boat.Inside the prison. Three floors of tiny cells. Minna outside one of the cells.The sea lion colony at Pier 39.