Death Valley and Yosemite

Death Valley, a scary name on a quite harmless national park, at least in winter time. In summer, it can be deadly hot. It’s good to be back on the road after a few days in crazy Las Vegas. We spent our last day of 2018 here in Death Valley (after a night spent in the random town of Pahrump). One might think that this place is just a giant dead place in the middle of nowhere, but it actually holds a palette of colours and a range of different formations. Come see for yourself!

We picked our spots for the day to visit and ended up with stunning views from Dante’s viewpoint, taking in the curves of Zabriske point, tasting the salt at Badwater Basin, carefully driving Arthur’s drive and passing by the Mesquite sand dunes. Such different and interesting landscapes, which became even more mystic at dawn when the mountains changed to a colder colours.

Dante’s viewpoint.Zabriske point.Zabriske Point.Badwater Basin.Salt crystals.Tasting the salt straight from ground!

Arthur’s palette along Arthur’s Drive.

The road continued to California’s famous national park Yosemite, holding massive granite formations. The dream and mecha for climbers. If you’re interested in climbing, you should definitely watch the documentary Valley Uprising. This time, we settled for small hiking. Full scale winter had not yet arrived. Swedish crispy November weather is what dressed the valley today. We let the pictures speak for themselfes.

Viewpoint after the tunnel. El Capitan to the left and Half dome in the middle.Brideveils Fall, arguably best in winter time.El Capitan. THE wall for all climbers. Lower and Upper Yosemite falls.Lower and Upper Yosemite Falls.Couples dress the same, never heard of it…