Adventures in Arizona

Christmas was celebrated in the Grand Canyon. This majestic canyon is far larger than imaginable and at first glimpse we had to sit down in order to take it all in. One has to experience it themselves to realise the greatness of this place.

Prior to Christmas we had loaded our fridge with food from IKEA and was able to cook a pretty good Christmas Eve dinner, which of course included home made meatballs. On Christmas Day the alarm was set early, as it was time for another beautiful sunrise. The cold was almost unbearable and the car became our saviour in between the view points. Unfortunately, there were not a lot of short hikes in the canyon and the cold temperature kept us away from doing any longer trips. But truth is we could really use some rest.

First view of the Grand Canyon.Meatballs on Christmas Eve in our cosy RV.Sunrise in the canyon.Sunrise in the canyon.Last look before leaving.

Our Arizona adventure continued north east. The plan was to hike in the Antelope Canyon, but it turned out we had to book a tour if we wanted to visit this area. After a quick look at the (not so good) reviews we decided it was not worth it. Instead, we focused on other must-do’s in the neighbourhood. Let’s just say we did not leave Arizona disappointed. Horseshoe Bend is definitely a sight for sore eyes! The river floats in a horseshoe shape around the cliffs and has carved itself deep into the rock, thus created impressive heights. You would want to be careful near the edges!

View from tonight’s camp.

Viktor sitting on the edge at Horseshoe bend.

Horseshoe bend with Minna in the upper corner.