California coast and inland

A busy schedule awaited us on the American mainland. We quickly picked up our vehicle & home for the coming weeks and headed for the coast. In just two and a half days we had to get from San Francisco down to Los Angeles, taking the scenic drive Highway 1.

This would not be a problem if the route was not so breathtakingly beautiful and forced us to regularly pull over. Once again, we were lucky to visit this part of the planet during low season and can therefore enjoy the work of Mother Nature in peace, without a heavy crowd (most of the time). But why the rush if there is so much to see you might think? Well, in LA we had a basketball game waiting for us: Lakers vs Pelicans. And yes, it was well worth it!

Pigeon point.

Bixby bridge.

Amazing how Minna can turn out to Kenny…

Wild elephant seals.

Sunset at Venice beach.

Walk of fame.

Lakers vs. Pelican.

Straight after the game, we left the traffic jams in LA behind us and steered towards the inland. The dramatic coast line changed quickly to a rocky desert and we asked ourselves if we had entered a new state without noticing. Nope! Still in California, even if it was hard to believe. Soon enough, we reached our next stop – Joshua Tree National Park. Minna was convinced it was a national park of giant red wood trees but had to admit she was wrong when she realised the Jousha tree is actually a cactus tree (haha!). The weather was beautiful this day and we did a few smaller hikes, but the air was so dry it almost hurt when breathing. Viktor’s climbing nerve started tingling when seeing such beautiful rock formations.

The Joushua Tree (not so much like giant red wood tree!).

Minna along the Hidden Valley trail.

Desert vegetation.

Lunch with a view! Who needs a fancy restaurant when you have this?

Baker Dam trail.