Mahalo Hawaii!

Aloha and Mahalo, Hello and Thank you. That’s how we feel and also the only two words we learned. There is only twelve letters in the Hawaiian alphabet. But then it must be easy to learn? Wrong. Everything sounds the same! But we managed to get around anyway 🙂

Next up on our Hawaiian “island hopping” was BIG ISLAND , home of massive volcano landscapes. Just like previous islands, we discovered the island by car and did some hiking, including the Polulu beach trail and the Pauhai trail.

Sunset at black sand beach, just outside of where we stayed. Polulu beach trail. Volcano crater. It doesn’t matter where you are in the world, a stone in your shoe is never pleasant!

On our way home, after visiting the volcano national park and hours of driving, we decided to pay a visit to Green Sand Beach. A fun, tiresome and rather tricky off road four wheel drive led us eventually to the beach. It really had this olive green colour, which was stunningly beautiful. Before heading home, we made a quick stop at South Point – the “southiest” point in the whole of United States.

Green Sand Beach.The feeling of freedom and happiness speaks for itself.

One night, at sunset, we head out in a canoe with a boat company to look for manta rays. We put lights in the water to attract planktons, which is manta’s main food source, jumped in with our snorkels and waited. The water here is so much colder than in French Polynesia and it didn’t take long before the whole little crew started to shiver in the black water. After what felt like forever, our endurance was re-payed and there massive mantas were all around us, doing backflips in the water when they caught their planktons. We did see a manta in Bora Bora, however this time we got a much clearer and closer look, with the mantas literally a few centimetre from us. This also made us realise the true sizes of these beautiful sea animal – the largest one around us having approximately a 4m wingspan!

Since we don’t have a GoPro, is not our picture, but this is basically what we saw.

We said goodbye to Big Island and landed on the last island of this Hawaii trip: MAUI
Maui became Minna’s favourite island as its variation in nature gave plenty of exploring opportunities. The north side reminded of the wild coast lines of England, whilst the south east took the shape of a jungle and the west part was home to the beaches. As of any other Hawaiian island, the central was dominated by volcanos.

One of many waterfalls on our trip “Road to Hana”.Enjoying the view. Red Sand Beach. A two hour round trip hike into the jungle led us here, to Waimoku waterfall.

The last night, on advise of our friends, we drove up to the Haleakala volcano to watch the 360 degree sunset. We did not prepare for the average 13 degree lower temperature here so we (read Minna) quickly became very cold, and the abrupt altitude differences from sea leaves to 3000m it was almost like we were thrown back to the Himalayas and felt the altitude sickness symptoms again. Luckily, the sunset was amazing and we felt better as soon as we were back in the car on lower altitudes and full heating on! Thanks Hawaii, until next time!

On top of Haleakala.

Last sunset in Hawaii.