Aloha Hawaii!

From one group of Pacific islands to another, a more “civilised” and commercialised. We started out at the island OAHU. Our close friends, who lived on the islands for several month, told us to stay in Waikiki, the most touristy part of Honolulu. So we did, and a dozen South Korean school classes as well. The (too) large American-style lobby and entrance was packed. Surreal. The hotel itself was really nice. Old-fashioned with a internet-and-rental-dvd room, from which we sometimes rented a movie to watch in our room after full-day activities.

Activities? Yes, Hawaii, is not about lying on the beach. It’s surfing, hiking and road tripping. At least that’s what caught our interest. We didn’t get a chance to get pictures of Viktor’s first surfing experience. Needless to say, it was a success (thanks to Minna’s pro tips of course), if you disregard the one time he almost hit a surfing teacher in the head with his board,

Last day we rented a smart car to drive around the island to some hiking up the many stairs to KoKo Heads, and to see a surfers competition on the north shore. Beautiful and unique coastline with fruit and smoothie stands along the way.

On top of Diamond Head.Waikiki Beach.Rock formations on our way to KoKo Heads.Large incline towards KoKo Heads. Sunset beach.Surfer at North Shore.Surfers at North Shore.


Kauai is Hawaii’s most wild island, where, for example, scenes from Jurassic Park have been recorded. So, when the lady at the car-rental company told us we could get a discount upgrade to a four wheel jeep, we swallowed the bait. Smart car vs Jeep comfort is huge. Worth it although we never got any use of the four wheel drive (spoiler; we will on next island!).

We were, to be honest, a bit disappointed at the wildness aspect of the island. Most places could only be seen by helicopter, and, unfortunately, large rain had damaged and made the best hiking part of the island closed. But we managed to make the most either way, and found ourselves some pretty waterfalls and a great (but forbidden) hike, walking next to 1000m cliffs.

Wailua falls.Viktor’s happy face when we decided to get a jeep instead of a compact car.Rough sea on Kaua’i east coast.Kilauea Lighthouse.Hanalei Beach, just before the waves drenched Minna’s dress.Scenic lookout.“Mini” Grand Canyon.Closed you say? Oh, I didn’t see the sign. Muddy trail. Everyone we met had slipped at least once. We made it without brown muddy marks on our clothes.

The most amazing rainbow that accompanied us the whole trail in Kees National Park.

Cloudy at the edge.1000m cliffs.Impressive colours.