Sunny Sydney

It felt so good to be back down under. Last time we were here together was 2011, so it was definitely time to revisit this beautiful country. Minna’s long time Australian friend Kathleen caught the flight all the way from Adelaide to spend time with us together with her amazing sister, and it was such a blast so see them again. We spent the day talking about memories, eating brunch, visiting the world’s largest outside sculpture exhibition at Bondi and finished off sharing some great Aussie food. It truly felt like no time had passed!

The two of us together with Kathleen and Libby at Bondi.

One of the many sculptures.

On Sunday, we wandered around in the streets of Sydney, enjoying the beautiful parks, passing by the Opera House (which still amazes us) and later on meeting Viktor’s brother Niklas who has lived here for the past eight years. Every night after he had finished work, we met him on a bar or restaurant and talked for hours and hours. So grateful to gain back some of the lost time together!

Mandatory photo of the Opera House.

Viktor and Harbour Bridge.

Two love birds.

The cellar bar with smokey whiskeys and creative drinks.

We found it too long since we did a hike so on Monday we set our course towards Blue Mountains, a 90 minutes train ride into the country. This national park holds amazing views as well as forest, water and wild life. Last time we visited this place 2011, it was high season and extremely hot. Now, late spring and just before the tracks are crowded with tourists, it was such a different experience. Sometimes it seemed as if we had the whole place to ourselves.

View of the Blue Mountains.

Spellbound by the astonishing Leura cascades.

The week continued in nature theme, yet forest was switched to coast. A beautiful beach walk from Coogee to Bondi kept us busy for a few hours and left us salty from the ocean and a bit sunburnt from the sun. Along the way we met a friend from Varberg, totally unexpected! It struck us once again how small the world seems sometimes. Taking a swim at Manly beach was also a must-do for us and while the beach was nice, the ferry ride there and home was probably the biggest highlight.

Ocean sprays along the coastal walk.

Viktor considering to jump in.

A sunny day at Manly beach.

The stunning skyline of Sydney.

It’s spring season in Australia and that means Horse Racing for several days in a row. Each day have a specific dress code. Our day was Derby Day, where all guests are supported to dress in black and white. Suits for gentlemen and dresses for ladies. Doesn’t really match our travelling wardrobe. With Viktor’s parents visiting over Christmas, offering luggage space at our disposal, he finally ran out of excuses. It was time for shopping!

The hype about the races was through the roof, and it lived up to it’s expectation. We had a blast drinking sparkling wine, betting, cheering and especially when our horse Schubert sprinted his way to first place for a big win!

When the boys need help buying suits, Minna is there to guide them right. This does not include the socks…

Attending the horse race at Rosehill Racecourse.

Suited up brothers!

We closed our Sydney chapter with brunch at the docks, walk along the harbour next door to Niklas place and some homemade Swedish meatballs. If it’s one city that truly have everything, it’s Sydney.