Hong Kong

One week of rest, rest and rest. Together with lower altitudes, it’s the best medicine for altitude sickness. Slowly, Minna made steps towards recovery and after 7 days we were able to leave our sanctuary at Dom Himalaya Hotel and head off to new adventures.

Next up, a short stop in Hong Kong. Might as well stay for a couple of days while we needed to fly here anyway. Instead for breakfast 4:30, start hiking 5:00, we slept like two babies until late, especially after a disaster 4h night flight from Kathmandu. Anyhow, we did our best to try what Hong Kong has to offer; Victoria Peak with its view, Shopping in ifc mall, Big Buddha and its surroundings, Night light show from Kowloon waterfront, Food from the cheapest Michelin star restaurant in town, Star Ferry from Hong Kong Island… We also did lots of walking along winding roads leading around all the skyscrapers with sidewalks above&under. Add some large construction work on top of that and you’ll get two lost tourists. A common theme when lost in Hong Kong, and other Asian cities, is that you end up in a shopping mall.

Hong Kong is a nice change from crowded Kathmandu, with the ocean, sky scrapes and many parks, but it feels a little torn apart with one foot in China and the other left in Britain, while it gazes at opportunity to be truly independent.

Although we have enjoyed these few days in HK, the truth is that almost 10 weeks in Asia has come to an end. And we are definitely ready for the next chapter & continent of this trip – Oceania!

Afternoon tea at the Peninsula.

Ozone bar, highest bar in the world. Word got out after this cool cat entered…

Avocado breakfast at the famous Cupping Room.

Big Buddha.

Dim sum at Tim Ho Wan.