Turtle Rock

At the railway station of Ulaan Bataar we were picked up by our driver and went straight to our camp in Gorki-Terelj National Park. We were so excited about our accommodation – a traditional Mongolian home called yurt. It was super cosy but very cold! At night we lit the fireplace in the center of the yurt, however when it went out during the night we were glad that we brought our beanies.

The view from our yurt.

I don’t know how many times we hit our heads in the doorway!

Despite being jetlagged we managed to hike to Turtle Rock. Such an amazing creature by nature! Moments like these are truly the reason of our around the world journey.

We decided to hitchhike on the way back and did the classic thumb in the air alongside the road. After 20+ cars had passed us a packed minivan pulled over. I bet it was a whole family of fifteen people in that vehicle, overlapping each other. Yet we were happy to get a ride so inside we went! Such an interesting experience to squeeze together with strangers, that showed such warmth and happiness towards us. With lots of laughing, gestures and pointing we were dropped off at the right spot and could hike the last 40 minutes back to our camp.

Minna (and) the turtle.